File Path

23 Sep

Hi All,

Recently i was creating a field which extends EDT ” File Path”. When this field is used on any form , we get a strinf field where we can access the file folder path.

But i was not able to access the folder path and was encountering the error which tells me “formrun does not contain filePathLookupTitle method” .

Hence we need to write a new method “filePathLookupTitle ” in the form where we will have the filepath field.

str filePathLookupTitle()
return “Upload folder”;


Hide Enum Values in Combo box

20 Sep

Hi All,

A very frequent problem which i have come across is to hide the enum values at run time .

A several solutions has been provided for these

1.  Change the configuration key of the Enum element to SysDeletedObjects40 . This would hide the enum element from the entire application

2. Create a new Enum with the elements which is only needed by you and use that

Though the above 2 methods probably work , they are not best opted as they might cause the problem of data loss and in


3. the SysFormEnumComboBox class was provided to solve this issue. You pass it the combo box control’s id, the enum to be used and a set of allowed values that need to be shown and it works as a charm. This approach can be used effortlessly on forms.

Code to write before the super() call in a form’s init method
//Declaration Section
SysFormEnumComboBox         sysFormEnumComboBox;
Set                                         enumSet = new Set(Types::Enum);
//Before super()
// Initialize the comboBox and fill it with values should be done before super() only
sysFormEnumComboBox = SysFormEnumComboBox::newParameters(element, Control::TestComboBox/*Id of the control*/, enumnum(ABC), enumSet);
Code to be written after super() (Optional);
Note:This approach works fine with unbounded controls and doesnt have any effect on Bounded controls.
This does not work when a combo box is used in the grid.

Difference between Auto design and generated Design in Reports

19 Sep

The main differences between auto designs and generated designs
are that auto designs take full advantage of MorphX, they allow for dynamic templates,
auto headers and auto sums based on criteria established in the query.

Generated designs are static, and will not automatically adjust to changes made in the query or report
template. It is recommended using auto designs. You should only consider using
generated designs in special cases where a fixed layout is needed. Generated designs are
generally only required where the layout is fixed by contract or statute, or when you
need to use pre-printed forms such as checks and purchase orders.
Generated designs have some extra sections for adding headers and footers to body
sections. Beside that auto designs and generated designs use the same type of sections.

Generating a text file in AX 2009

19 Sep

Hi All,

This is basically for the beginners on how to generate a text file.

//Code to create a text file and get the permission


directoryFilePath = “D:\\NewFolder\test.txt”;

permission = new FileIOPermission(directoryFilePath, #IO_WRITE);

file = new AsciiIO(directoryFilePath,#IO_WRITE);

Sometimes, even though the directory path is correct and we have got the permission , we may be facing a error as below

Asciio object not initialised

then please do check if you can create a file manually in the path you have given .this do happens in the case of Operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 .

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19 Sep

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